Prodotti Archivi - Vendita frutta secca, olive, legumi e cereali - Sinisi srl
Dried fruit mix - Sinisi srl

Dried fruit mix

DRIED FRUIT MIX shelled FOUR FRUIT 250g toasted in shell BAG400g SACHET 5kg
Cashew nuts - Sinisi srl

Cashew nuts

cashew-nuts Contain various substances that are beneicial to our body. Primarily good fats: in every fruit there is a large quantity of oleic acid, the same […]
SEEDS - Sinisi srl


SEEDS Are perfect to be used as snack, in the natural or salt way. Even if they are considered poorer among the oilseeds, they have lots […]
White chickpeas - Sinisi srl

White chickpeas

White chickpeas white toasted SACHET 250g BAG 2,5kg
Macadamia nuts - Sinisi srl

Macadamia nuts

MACADAMIA NUTS Are considered a real elixir of life, thanks to the high palmitoleic acid content that contrasts the free radicals; high in vitamin A, B1 […]
Brazil nuts - Sinisi srl

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts Are high in protein and power source. Its monitored use reduces the “bad” cholesterol and increases the “good” cholesterol; they are high in vitamin […]
Walnuts - Sinisi srl


WALNUTS Are perfect to be eaten alone or coupled for breakfast, snack and also for sweet and salty recipes. Furthermore their tastiness and versatility, they have […]
Hazelnuts - Sinisi srl


hazelnuts Moreover their tastiness, they have lots of health beneits. In fact, its monitored use improves your cardiovascular system and reduces the “bad” cholesterol; they are […]
Pistachios - Sinisi srl


Pistachios Are a delicious food as well as healthy if monitored consumed. We can made lots of recipes with pistachios or simply enriching a salty meal […]
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