Dried fruit mix

Dried fruit mix - Sinisi srl

DRIED FRUIT MIX shelled FOUR FRUIT 250g toasted in shell BAG400g SACHET 5kg

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts - Sinisi srl

cashew-nuts Contain various substances that are beneicial to our body. Primarily good fats: in every fruit there is a large quantity of oleic acid, the same that is found in olive oil and which is so useful for the health of the heart. toasted salted OPEN AND CLOSE TRAY 150g SACHET 1kg toasted without salt […]


SEEDS - Sinisi srl

SEEDS Are perfect to be used as snack, in the natural or salt way. Even if they are considered poorer among the oilseeds, they have lots of health benefits. Further more are used as an extra ingredient in the kitchen, inside salads, in the bread dough or during the breakfast with other grains toasted salted […]

Macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts - Sinisi srl

MACADAMIA NUTS Are considered a real elixir of life, thanks to the high palmitoleic acid content that contrasts the free radicals; high in vitamin A, B1 and B2. They battle the “bad” cholesterol and they are a good helper for liver and muscles. toasted in shell TRAY 1kg raw shelled BAG 150g TRAY 1kg

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts - Sinisi srl

Brazil nuts Are high in protein and power source. Its monitored use reduces the “bad” cholesterol and increases the “good” cholesterol; they are high in vitamin E and B. toasted in shell BAG 200g SACHET 2,5kg raw shelled OPEN AND CLOSE TRAY 150g SACHET 2,5kg


Walnuts - Sinisi srl

WALNUTS Are perfect to be eaten alone or coupled for breakfast, snack and also for sweet and salty recipes. Furthermore their tastiness and versatility, they have lots of health beneits if used regularly and in monitored amounts (about 30g): they improve your body’s functions; high in Omega3, vitamin E, mineral salts and antioxidants that prevent […]


Hazelnuts - Sinisi srl

hazelnuts Moreover their tastiness, they have lots of health beneits. In fact, its monitored use improves your cardiovascular system and reduces the “bad” cholesterol; they are high in vitamin E and B toasted in shell BAG 250g SACHET 5kg toasted shelled BAG 250g SACHET 5kg


Pistachios - Sinisi srl

Pistachios Are a delicious food as well as healthy if monitored consumed. We can made lots of recipes with pistachios or simply enriching a salty meal or garnishing a cake. High in vitamin E and B, calcium, iron, magnesium; they are high also in phosphorus infact, for this reason they can prevent type 2 diabetes; […]