Sinisi - A long family tradition in Andria Production in Puglia

“Sinisi taste on our tables”

una lunga tradizione familiare

Olives, nuts, grains, beans, snacks, sweets and much more: this is the wide range of products that the company Sinisi produces, processes, packages and markets for decades on the national and international territory. Heir and custodian of a long family tradition, our company was founded in the mid-50s of the last century still maintaining the characteristics and values of that time.


Experience, professionalism, selection of the best products on the domestic and international markets, care during production and trasformazioni.

Ed is right in the transformation process that our company has been able to stand out, making his biggest strength. Working with experience and skill with the products according to their characteristics in order to preserve them, enhancing the taste and make them, as well, perfect for consuming every day in restaurants, delis, supermarkets and on our tables